Tintsmart will only use the highest quality film available on the market from Suntek. Suntek film is premium quality so will not fade or crack over time like other films used in the industry.

The film comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Available Shades

Ultra light (75%)
Light smoke (50%)
Smoke (35%)
Midnight (20%)
Limousine (0.5%)


An application of the Suntek Film along with our expertise, ensures only the finest results making it almost impossible to distinguish between the original glass and the new tinted window.

Because our film is the industry standard and the highest quality we are confident to guarantee the following:

  • Lifetime warranty to original purchaser.
  • Heat shapeable, allowing seamless, 1 piece rear screens
  • Will not fade or discolour

Tintsmart’s outstanding quality was recently recognised by ‘BMW Performance Magazine’ when they were selected to feature in an article dedicated to window tinting