Why tint?


Tinting the rear section of your vehicle would conceal whats inside and therefore may it less off a target for thieves.

Also once the high quality film is applied to the glass it automatically becomes part of the glass therefore making the glass more resistant. This can help to stop criminals trying to smash the window to steal your belongings as the glass wouldn’t shatter.

There is a level of protection given in the event of a road accident protecting you and your passengers from broken glass


While driving at night or alone you can feel intimidated by other
drivers so tinting your windows give you added privacy and can also deter potential thieves from breaking into your car if your valuables cannot be seen. Glare from headlights is also reduced making driving less hazardous.


The film protects you and your passengers from harmful UV light by 99.9%. It also keeps your vehicle cool in the summer and protects the interior and upholstery from sun damage.